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Full service PR agency in the heart of Helsinki

We are one of the pioneers in the PR business in our region so we can truthfully claim that we have the experience needed in this work. Our flexible organization is prepared to tailor the right methods of communication for your brand. We might be small but we are good.

We love:


Our core business is getting your product or service out there. The target being media and the bloggers of the market.


Launches, press trips, openings, parties, press and blogger events big or small - whatever you need, we can organize.

promostyl trends

Decades of trend forecasting expertise at your service - Promostyl is one of the leading trend agencies in the world.

We take each brand and treat it as it should be treated - focusing on it’s DNA and pushing the right message with the right visual identity. Here are some brands we are working with at the moment, please scroll logos to see more. We would love to add your brand here too!


pr & communication

Our goal is to get your brand out there where it belongs, in the eyes of the consumers in the Finnish market. The target is the media in all it’s forms and of course the bloggers and other influencers on the market. Being visible is crucial to any brand these days - we know how to make your brand seen.

We are a family business which enables us to be very flexible and fast moving when required. Our long experience takes us a long way. For us the brand is the starting point - everything we do, we do keeping in mind the brand and it’s DNA.

Our showroom in the heart of Helsinki is a modern environment to showcase any brand as an individual collection.

We offer:


Visibility in the media, cooperation with influencers, social media… you name it, we create it!


Events can be tailored to your needs, big or small, making an huge impact every time


One of today’s most valuable tools, 24/7 online picture bank for the use of media professionals

Events! Reach the right people, make an impact and get your message heard.


We have a spacious, bright and modern showroom and it’s situated in the center of the city. Worthwhile to visit - you are welcome to stop by and see for yourself!


PR - either as a one-off project or more often as an ongoing process - that’s what we do!


Promostyl is one of the leading trend, fashion and design researching companies in the world.
Over 40 years of experience guarantees the trustworthiness of trend information
and the expertise in the design sector.

Since it’s creation in 1966, Promostyl has been at the cutting edge of trend forecasting. That’s an achievement which combines French know-how and international culture. A factory of ideas, this Paris based company is internationally renowed for the creation of innovative concepts and products.

Together, let’s create tomorrow!

Each season Promostyl publishes trendbooks with creative and technical content. They are published about two years ahead of the time that they are talking about. This service allows the clients to define their strategic and creative orientations with a view of expertise. Each sector has it’s own trendbook with complementary services to give the clients a comprehensive view of the market and the trends. See overview of Promostyl's trendbook selection below.

trendbook services

Promostyl’s creative consulting services analyses your specific needs and selects a dedicated team to deliver customized solutions. Areas of expertise include fashion, cosmetics, design, communication and lifestyle. With an international view Promostyl does projects in the fields of e.g. branding, strategy, positioning, brand identity, different types of creation projects, visual identity, web design, packaging, retail space design, merchandising, trend forums, trend seminars and workshops.

Creative consulting services

Trendbook clients benefit from additional online services to stay up to date with the changes in their sector. Trendnews is issued quarterly to provide trend updates for each sector. Trendbook tools are downloadable ready-to-use-tools like flat drawings, graphics and exclusive prints. Focus On is a comprehensive report deciphering new consumer attitudes and focusing on the major trends in design, art, fashion etc. Shopping guides, exhibition reports, previews and so on.

online services



Influences & design

Identification of emerging trends and lifestyles worldwide, new concepts



Everything you need to know about colors - exclusive Promostyl range



Analyzes the sports market, identifies the new lifestyles and technical progress



New trends, shapes, materials and colors for lingerie, loungewear and nightwear



Trends and creative directions for the masculine wardrobe, both casual and city style



Global and comprehensive vision of the womenswear market and creative directions


Casual & Knitwear

Trends and creative directions for feminine casual and knitwear wardrobe



Global vision of childrenswear, girls and boys, 6-8 years old and 10-12 years old


Youth Casual & denim

Showcases lifestyle orientations and creative directions, girls and boys, 15-25 years old


Baby layette

Babies lifestyle and wardrobe, from 0 to 36 months, casual, sportswear city and ceremonial

Promostyl offers a global view of trends, fashion and design. Innovative ideas to give new life to your product offering. Complete set of tools as ready-made trendbooks and customized consulting and creative services tailored to your needs.

All Promostyl’s trendbooks are available at our showroom, you are very welcome to come and see what’s on offer and how they might help your creative processes. Let’s make an appointment with your brands future in mind!



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